Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Packing on the Pounds

What is my favorite part of the Saus adventure? This is so hard to say. I really love the team meetings at random Starbucks' around Boston or at our "hideout" in Beacon Hill, our constant gchat planning, friendly arguing over semantics, and imagining the finished restaurant. However, up on the list is the "competitor research."

I get to eat out guilt free (as long as the place I go offers a variation of what we will have). This is my significant contribution to the company: taste-testing and saying things like, "We can do so much better than this!" And then planning out what I like about the food and what we should change. Oh, what I do in the name of research.

I think I should keep track of how much weight I gain. And then when I get lipo, I can just charge it to the company!

Any takers to do some research with me?


Renee said...

that's a good idea...we should buy our gym memberships on the company.

xtine said...

Can I help you research and then we can get lipo on the company together??