Thursday, November 20, 2008

Frustrating Realtors Part 3

Ok, so Part 3 really wasn't frustrating at all. I got in touch with a former professor of mine from BU, Bill Galatis. We've been having trouble finding locations, or even finding out how to find locations, sooo we thought talking to Bill might help. 

Bill owns a plethora of Dunkin Donuts in the Boston area, in addition to some tasty bakeries. He is in his own league of entrepreneurship, and we were lucky to get a hold of him, you know, with him being busy making donuts, keeping customahs happy, delivering speciality cakes around the greater boston area, and dealing with the BU School of Management's notorious grading curve.

So, on top of giving us some gems of advice regarding finding retail locations, dealing with realtors, and conducting guerilla warfare with your potential store neighbors, he pointed us towards a familiar realtor of his. 

And that is how we met Irene! Shortly thereafter we scheduled a meeting, were able to meet, and finally got a chance to have a legitimate conversation with a realtor. Irene was very down to earth, very nice, and more importantly very helpful. 

At this very point in time Irene is looking into her network, making some calls, doing what good realtors do, and hopefully getting back to us with some good news. 

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I'm jumping up and down!!