Tuesday, November 4, 2008

So What Happened to Our Jobs?

Long story short, we lost them. No, not because we went on jcrew.com too much or because we used the office as our personal pilates studio. We lost our jobs because of some credit thing...something to do with the economy...it's a word that begins with an "R" ... recess...er...I don't know. Whatever it was, we were f.c.u.k'd. I still shudder remembering my somber departure speech, carefully rehearsed and flawlessly delivered by my boss. Seriously - I mean, it was Academy Award material, alas no cheesy cut-off music to rush him off the stage. The minute he asked to speak to me in his office, Mozart's Requiem popped into my head and would stay there throughout the course of his speech...I may have sung along with the chorus at one point - yes, in Latin. Anyway, clearly the guy did his research. In fact, I'm pretty sure he searched "how to gracefully fire an employee" on eHow.com. He followed the eHow steps, 1) state intent: termination 2) reassure the party in question that he or she was a valuable asset to the company 3) explain reason - blame on economy if need be. I outsmarted him. Little did he know that I eHow searched: "how to gracefully accept termination". I was poetic and cool and thanked him for the privilege to have worked at such a fine organization (eHow tip 1) do not protest and 2) thank for wonderful opportunity, lie and pander if need be). In fact, it was so good that John McCain hired me to draft his concession speech. I gathered my belongings (some Tazo tea bags, a yoyo we collected from one of the vendors at our most recent trade show, and my 5 lb freeweights), sauntered to the elevator with my chin up, waited for it for what seemed like a friggin hour, and pushed the ground floor button frantically when I stepped in.

Anyway, you're wondering how this is relevant to our entrepreneurial cause. The answer is that it isn't, really. But it is relevant in the fact that Tanya and Chin would suffer the same fate shortly thereafter and suddenly we were more motivated than ever. Our business was a mere glimmer before and now it was do or die. We chose do. We chose America. Please pardon my disgustingly revolutionary tone, I just watched a pretty rad victory speech on CNN.

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Tanya said...

Renee forgot to mention.. she was getting there but didn't quite make the point... that our boss needed that "please wrap it up" music that they play at the Academy Awards. While he said "all the right things," he repeated them incessantly. A talk that could have lasted only 5 minutes took 20. And of course the whole time he is talking, reassuring me that I am a valuable asset to the company and that he "hates to have to do this," I am forcing back tears. So let me be brief, when my tears dried up, we realized what a blessing in disguise this was. Onward and upward!