Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Jobless and Nameless

We called an emergency team meeting about moving forward with our business. Chin was going to seek incorporation for the purpose of tax structure. Most companies incorporate as an S-Corp or Limited Liability Corporation or become an LLP (Limited Liability Partnership) so that personal assets cannot be seized. Tanya was going to look for spaces for lease, either in the Back Bay or in Harvard Square, and I was going to work on our business plan. These were our main functions, but of course we cross-collaborated.

We met with our adviser who suggested we come up with size requirements and a floorplan so that we would be better informed when looking for space. And so we used the space we were in at the time (a late colonial-style living room with a sofa, fireplace, misplaced red Burlesque style lamp, a table and two chairs in the corner) to guess-timate on the square-footage of our space. We walked around the room, rearranged furniture, and from that estimated for somewhere in the 600 - 800 sq. ft. neighborhood.

Back to the incorporation - we needed to figure out what to call ourselves. Some names we came up with:

K.E.Kuo Group
TRC Inc.
StatusKuo Corp.

Needless to say, we vetoed these names and went with a name that spoke for Chin's Dutch ancestry -- that's right, way back when the Dutch settled in Taiwan, they mated with the natives. This is why if you look closely, you can see that Chin has freckles as well as about 5 orange-red hairs on his head.

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