Monday, November 24, 2008

A Surprise from our Amazing Realtor

So one day Chin told Tanya and me to check our emails -- oh, by the way, if you want to email us, which we hope you do, here are our addresses:

Anyway, he told us to check our emails and what did we find? A list of 58 retail properties in the Boston/Cambridge area that our realtor, Irene, had sent - BOO-YAH. We were thrilled...scratch that...we are thrilled. Right now what we need to do is to examine these retail spaces and pick the ones we feel are good fits. The list produced quite a few in the Back Bay, namely Newbury Street, some in Davis Square, and a couple in Harvard Square. If you can't tell, we want the college students. We want them badly. Think: Uncle Sam in a chef's hat and a trendy Johnny Cupcakes t shirt: "I Want You."

So let's examine the typical Harvard student and your average Newbury Street dweller:

Harvard student profile:
-Goes to Crema cafe over Starbucks because it's independent and has an environment that fosters genius.
-When asked where he/she goes to college, replies not "Harvard" but "Class of __" like - ugh, plebian, can't you tell from my enviro friendly grocery tote that was formerly a pop bottle?
-Shops at Urban Outfitters and American Apparel
-Has a membership at the COOP so that they are able to perpetuate their "street smarts"
-Ideal match would be someone who is unconventionally attractive, who wears thermals, and who has read Ann Rynd's The Fountainhead, twice...once when they were 10.

Newbury dweller profile:
-Goes to Starbucks, once at lower Newbury and again at upper Newbury
-When asked where he/she goes to college, replies BU - COM or SMG, ugh can't you tell by my tricked out belt buckle, leggings, hangover, and teeny-tiny Marc Jacobs shopping bag?
-Shops at French Connection
-Frequently visits Trident because they like eating surrounded by books
-Ideal match would be someone from The Hills.

Of course we're kidding -- we're actually part of this demographic ourselves.

So now that we have profiled the Newbury Street crowd and the Harvard crowd, we can make our decision - ha, just kidding. Everyone loves food and we are going to choose our space according to foot traffic, size, whether it's zoned for food-service, and amount of renovation work we are going to have to do. Another important element of our business model is beer, which means we need to obtain a Beer and Malt Beverages License, which is a lot harder to get in Boston proper than it is in Cambridge.

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Janet said...

You have described me almost down to a T between the Newbury St. dweller & Harvard Student.Too bad the Harvard aspect only comes from living in close proximity to the square & reading Fountainhead at the age of 10 x2. (p.s. I'm super excited for Saus)