Thursday, November 13, 2008

Nee seu woe de bow bay!

Just because the three of us are super driven, determined, passionate, AND have an unbeatable team of wise advisors, that does not mean that we have not had our fair share of can-we-do-this road bumps along the way already. 

Consider our incorporation process. While trying to figure out what kind of company we wanted to be (ie. what kind of official internal structure we want in place for tax purposes), we struggled with understanding our options. I myself have a background in communications, so listening to the differences between LLCs, SCorps, and Partnerships... it was like trying to speak Chinese when I grew up in isolated mainland America. At one point a shall-remain-nameless adviser/lifesaver made an analogy to make it easier for me by pretending I was running off to join a convent (my secret life goal, cough cough) and what would happen to my shares (as one-third owner). Since then we have all taken baby steps in understanding: both with SCorps and Chinese (nee seu woe de bow bay, excuse my phonetic spelling). 

Another fun road bump we are still experiencing is finding our location. We are working with several realtors and none of them seem qualified to do their jobs. One in particular had the following conversation with me:
Me: "We are looking for a location in either Boston or Cambridge, about 600-800 square feet, that's zoned to be a restaurant."
Him: "Well, I have a great location in Medford."
Me: "Do you have anything in Boston or Cambridge?"
Him: "Not really, but I have something in Worcester."
Me: "..."
Am I being unclear?

Moral of both stories: everyday is a struggle. We are learning as we go. It is challenging and overwhelming (at times), but I think this is a good thing. Because it forces us to really care about it. 

On the plus side, finalizing the menu is a tasty process. 

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