Monday, November 3, 2008

Our Humble Beginnings

Who are we kidding? We're still in our humble beginnings phase. But let's start with the three of us, how we met, and how we decided to start our own business. A little over a year ago, the three of us were college students who didn't know of each other's existence - Renee attended the School of Management at Boston University, as did Chin, and Tanya was studying Communications at Northeastern University. Although they didn't know each other, these college students realized the same sucky, fundamental truth - that in order to survive the daunting job search they were to face upon graduation, they needed to fill their resumes with seemingly exciting and valuable internship experience. Tanya got hired at a start-up software company whose main product helped law firms make lots of money. She climbed the ranks into corporate stardom and earned her keep as the third member of the organization. As she did, she was given more autonomy and authority. Tanya was told she could hire more interns to help the company sell more software. Long story short, she hired Chin and Renee. The three of us eventually became good friends and discovered many common interests: observing then discussing the mismanagement of our company, accents, our lunch breaks, and consequently, food.

We really took our lunch breaks seriously. We would travel all over downtown Boston in search of the perfect lunch. We came close -- Chacarero's combo sandwich, Silvertone's chili, and hot and sour soup from that Thai place in Faneuil Hall. Regardless, without giving too much away -- Boston was still missing something -- something that would satisfy our insatiable hunger and cravings. But what was it? EUREKA! We tried to find it by googling our hearts out - I think we even went to the sixth O (who does that?) and could not find anything! Finally when we gave up, we joked and said that we should open a shop that sold these delicious, satisfying treats.

That joke somehow turned into our lives.

Why so mysterious? Well, first, we want to talk about ourselves, the entrepreneurs and not about the end result. Second, in the case that this blog gets any attention whatsoever, we don't want it to detract from our intricately contrived, brilliantly mastered, will-blow-you-away, marketing efforts. Right.

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