Friday, January 15, 2010

Secret's Out

So our "mystery restaurant" isn't really a mystery anymore. Not since Where to Eat in Boston or Grub Street.

However, we never really did our "big reveal" on the blog. So here is what we are, in our own words.

Saus is a Belgian street food joint, meaning our main menu items are pommes frites (Belgian French fries) and Liege waffles (totally different from what American's think of as "Belgian waffles"). These two foods are very common on Belgian street corners- usually served from carts in metro shopping/tourists areas. Think of them as New York's hot dogs and pretzels.

As our name suggests (Saus is Dutch for "sauce"), sauces are our specialty. The pommes frites are served with a variety of dipping sauces. Traditionally, in Belgium, their frites are served with Fritessaus (which is kind of like mayo). So as a nod to Belgian tradition- a lot of our sauces are mayo-based. Except we play with different spices and herbs, creating sensational (and thanks to Chef Corey) flavor creations. We also make non-mayo based sauces such as cheese-based sauces (Cheddar Beer) or a BBQ sauce. And to keep with the American tradition, we also have ketchup based sauces.

And here is the best part of Saus (I think, anyway): all of our sauces are home-made, from scratch, from fresh ingredients, everyday. Even our mayo and ketchup. However, I'm not discussing any more specifics about the sauces as our menu isn't completely finalized (we will tweak probably until the day before we open) and we need to keep some mystery alive...

Our Liege waffles, in keeping with the Sausy-style, are also served with a selection of sweet sauces. Again, won't say much more... yet.

Our approach to Saus is very eclectic. It is Belgian meets classic Americana with hints of the exotic. We don't want any sauce to be boring, but we want some to be comforting, familiar flavors. Basically, we are pretty sure we have something for everyone.


Pam said...

Hurray! I'm very excited to see you open. Every time I visit New York, I make sure to fit in a visit at Pommes Frites - now I'll have something similar (plus waffles!) in my own backyard!

Greg said...

Yes! I can't wait. When I was in Brugges I had "samurai" sauce with my fries. It was amazing, and I hope you have it, or something like it!