Tuesday, January 12, 2010


We at Saus love to hear what you are all thinking. Here is what one loyal reader wrote in:

Dear Saus Blog: Since health resolutions tend to be popular in the beginning of the year, are there are healthy Saus options that will allow a customer to enjoy your delicious food selections without breaking the calories bank?

Dear Valued Reader: Our food is made all in-house, from scratch, all trans fat free and with no-high fructose corn syrup. Nothing is processed or has additives. We believe food should be all natural. While our food may not be "low fat or low cal," we are certainly a healthier option than other quick-serve options. We will also take your valued feedback into account and create some sauces from yogurt rather than mayo for "figure-friendly" options! Happy New Year!

...approximately 3 minutes later...

Dear Reader and Friend: I did some immediate follow up research to your question and found an answer from our menu developer. His highly professional response: "yeah I got a pimento yogurt sauce in the works"

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