Tuesday, January 5, 2010


New year, new goals, new resolutions.

Saus's new year's resolutions:

1. Open!!!
2. Make friends with our neighbors (you know, so we can borrow some sugar)
3. Make Boston fall in love with us (this one is 2-fold: 1- because we have a complex and want to be liked, 2- because we want to be profitable; even though we love what we do, we have to own up to the fact that we are a business)
4. Lose weight (aka, trim corners where we can, not be spending where we don't need to be spending so that we don't sink)
5. Get creative (from finishing up our space to designing our website- who's tired of looking at this boring blog template? We want to be unique and innovative)
6. Stay true (to ourselves as partners/business owners, to our clientele- which has yet to be established- and to everything Saus has come to mean in the past year, not to mention staying true to our mission and branding values)

(7. Come up with a better slogan than "Sausy!")
* it's not reaaaally our slogan- we just say it a lot


xtine said...

How about "Dip well" for your slogan?

P.S. RE: Losing weight...can you make a "skinny saus" for people who actually trying to do the literal version of this?

xtine said...

Or "Dip it good" and you can play "Da Dip" in your commercials.

I put your hand upon your hip
When I dip, you do, we dip

storydance said...

If you build it they will come. Just look at downtown Manhattan's pomme frites....

Can't wait for your opening and "diets be damned".