Friday, June 26, 2009

Just a quick update

I figured since I lately couldn't shut up about my farm research, I'd provide an update. Especially since I'm feeling euphoric about it.

I've made progress! Thanks to some great friends who were not only there for me so I didn't quit, but also pitched in with research (that'd be Christine!) I now have a long long list of farms that I'm going to spend today emailing- asking for prices, if they deliver to restaurants in Boston, and if they can handle our volume.

I'm going to buckle down and get some real work done and then I'm going to spend the weekend knowing I accomplished something. Can't wait.

Maybe I'll make some lunch before I get started...


xtine said...

Yay Tanya! Remember: Google is your friend...and Koogle is your friend if you are Orthodox Jewish.

P.S. You eat lunch at 9:30am??

Tanya said...

oh that's weird. I definitely wrote this post around 11am. Not 9:30...I was definitely eating eggs at 9:30. mmm.. farm fresh eggs straight from the farmers market!!