Thursday, July 9, 2009

Quench Your Thirst

So for those who took our last survey, we are on the brink of another! (This one will be much shorter. Promise.)

As I was getting my ideas for the survey together, I thought maybe this forum would be a good way to get people prepped for it and get some initial feedback. (I do realize I'm talking maybe two responses.. but you never know.)

The Saus team was discussing what kind of beverages we were going to have, soda wise. Traditional American sodas, ie. Coke, Sprite, Root Beer, Mountain Dew, etc. Versus imported European sodas to lend to our Euro vibe, ie. Orangina, San Pellegrino, etc. Or perhaps more natural offerings, such as Steaz (which is organic), Fuze, or Izze.

These are the three directions we have been debating. But YOU tell US, which would you rather drink???


Renee said...

My friend Sheena recommended Virgil's Cola. I recently tried their root beer and it's great!

noel said...