Friday, June 19, 2009

Breaking Down

The inevitable has happened!

While we love what we are doing (entrepreneurship wise) and are thrilled with our choices, every once in a while it catches up to us.

It got to me. I had a breakdown.

I was sitting on my couch, researching farms (still) and making no progress, when all of a sudden I felt overwhelmed. I've dedicated so much time to this with nothing to show. No solid leads. No strong contacts. No idea of how much space we need for deliveries. How often do we need deliveries? Can we handle once a week? Do we have enough room? Where are all the farms? Why don't they have websites? Why can't a farmer just email me back saying, we are the farm for you!

Kill me.

So I sat and cried a little. And lamented my life decisions. Why didn't I just get a real job? Why do I have to be all ambitious? Some call it ambitious, I call it Stupid.

And then my teammate/partner/friend/lifesaver Renee called. She listened to me to cry/whine/bitch. And she gave me what I needed- support, reassurance and empathy. She, too, felt this strain.

This is going to sound sappy (and for those who know me, I don't really do sap, so bear with me). She reminded me why we are doing this. We love it. Why play it safe? We are taking a huge risk for something we love. And we are hoping/praying/begging for it to work out. But that's why we have each other. For support. And to talk us down from the ledge. And to say, that project is wearing you down? Put it on the side burner for now! Let's talk website design!

So (it's going to get worse) I love my teammates. I need them. I couldn't do this adventure without them. I know it's gonna be great.

Ok- done now. Back to normal posts.

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