Monday, December 8, 2008

Mixing Business with Pleasure

Let me start this post by saying that if you come up with a suggestion for our last post, please still use it. We are still checking the comments left. Or email me, as a few people have.

At our last meeting, where we briefly discussed the aforementioned suggestions, we also discussed a ski trip. I have an "uncle" in Vermont who has a successful restaurant and salad dressing business. Shameless plug: check out River Garden Kitchens. So... why not mix a little business with pleasure, we decided.

We are planning a trip up there to learn as much as we can from a restaurant veteran. We have questions on everything from tips on how to build a loyal client base to efficient kitchen inventory.

And of course once we are there, we have big plans to hit the powdery slopes, relax by the fire in the lodge, and sample local maple syrup! Mmm... I loVermont! haha, so lame.

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