Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Frustrating Realtors Pt 4

So you're probably thinking, man these guys (especially Chin) are really going overboard with the amount of posts they write about frustrating realtors. Granted, the realtors themselves are not actually that frustrating. And granted, we've hit sort of a rut with the frequency and creativity of our posts.

In all fairness, finding a location is our number one priority. It's just that the process is really frustrating and I'm choosing an opportunity to vent. I'll explain what I mean and pick up where we left off last with our star realtor, Irene.

Irene's got resources, a large network, and a nice website that provides listings that cater to our needs (including the right price, sq footage, location area, etc.). After one of our standard meetings going over priorities and our lists of things to do, we chose two spots on Newbury St and one spot in Kenmore Sq we wanted to visit (originally there were three spots on Newbury, which got us really excited, but somehow one spot was listed twice with two prices, and the excitement level dropped a tad).

Well, a little before thanksgiving weekend we emailed Irene with the places we wanted to visit and played the waiting game. The week following thanksgiving came around and there was no response. So we called Irene to follow up, she says she didn't recall any email from us, and starts looking in her email history. Sure enough, she searches by my email address (please, send fan mail to ckuo@sausinc.com), finds the elusive email with our coveted listings, and says she'll see what she can do and get back to us.

The next day (Friday) we get a call from a lady named Sharon who tells us the two Newbury listings are...... well not listed anymore, and Irene has passed us down to her- what a downer. Bummed as we are, we thought it would still be a good idea to check out the one Kenmore listing left. So Sharon schedules to meet with us at the location the coming Monday at 2:15 pm.

I mean, even though we missed a couple prime spots on Newbury, and the Kenmore area wasn't exactly at the top of our lists, at the very least we could make a make a learning experience out of it right? You know, inspect the location, see how our floor plan might fit, maybe talk about zoning the space for food retail?

Lo and behold, Sunday comes around and we receive an email from Sharon telling us the listing for the Kenmore location had been removed over the weekend. Funny how the process turned out to be a learning experience either way, just that the learning experience was more so about how fast real estate listings can turn over.

On the bright side, these listings apparently update every day, so who knows, maybe the right place will pop up tommorrow?

or maybe we'll just find more realtors

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