Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Dear Santa

So as Chin mentioned, it's back to the drawing board for us. Do not fret, dear readers, for we are entrepreneurs (sort of), which means we can adapt quickly. We are also entrepreneurs (again, sort of) in that we are willing to exhaust all outlets for potential funding. Chin and I are going to visit some banks this week to see about a loan (gulp, loosen collar). But how about some non-traditional fundraising? The holiday season is upon us, no? So here is the wish list we will be sending to our families and to Santa:

Dear Santa and Family,

How are you doing? Hopefully well. I have been very nice this year. As you may know, I graduated from school, alas without the fancy gold banner thingy that hangs around your shoulders to indicate excellence in academia and strict adherence to Aristotelian virtue ethics, or something like that. However, I did give a dollar to that man who hangs out in the commons and sings: "Does anybody have any chaaaaaange, change, chaaaaaange?"

I also recall allowing an expecting mother with a toddler in tow the last square foot of space on a crowded T, writing thoughtful facebook "happy birthdays" to formerly socially awkward kids I went to high school with, and saying things like "thank you" and "have a nice day" to strangers (which we all know merits a spot in Heaven if you live in Boston). Now that I have convinced you of my being nice--did I mention I was late to my American Sign Language class when I let that pregnant woman on?--I have enclosed a wish list for your consideration:

1. Ugg slippers (yea, that's right - they're comfortable)
2. Wii Fit
3. A surplus -- like the one we had when Clinton was president.
4. Lost dvd set with director commentary that might actually explain what's going on.
5. Finally, an investment in Saus. Any size investment would be greatly appreciated - whether it's $20,000 or $200,000 I would be grateful either way.

Thank you!

Seriously, though, to all our family members reading this: for Christmas the team would like some money to put toward Saus. We also want to keep our readers updated on our funding progress. Therefore, we will post the amount of money we need in start up capital and detract from it each time we get more money until we (hopefully) get to $0.

Good luck to us!

Merry Christmas, everyone!

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Gregory said...

It won't take long if you guys are as good running your business as you are writing your blog. Sign me up!