Tuesday, March 8, 2011

New Week, New Hours

A week under our belts and I think we are in a better place than Day One. Of course we still have some kinks (the first few waffles of the day get stuck to the waffle iron and break, our Nutella is a temperamental sauce-kept too warm it starts to separate, too cool and it gets goopey, and on and on...)

But we are learning. We haven't run out of waffles since Day Two. (Side note: This past Sunday we had to stop serving waffles to repair our waffle iron. But it only took us about an hour to repair something we learned how to repair on the spot! And we have a temporary solution if that should happen again- we brought in a single waffle iron as back-up).

We wanted to do late night early in the week, but we have learned from people who work at the local bars and from our own observations, that during the winter the government center area simply shuts down after 9pm.

Our new hours are as follows:
Mon-Wed: Noon-10PM
Thursday: Noon-Midnight
Fri & Sat: Noon- 2AM
Sunday: Noon- 8PM

These changes are our temporary spring (read: cold weather) hours. When it starts warming up and Bostonians come out of hibernation, we will extend our hours again.

One last note: these new hours have not been changed on our website yet (just like it still says "Boston's first street food cafe is coming soon!")... we are in the process of updating our website. Alright- back to cutting fries...

Also, happy birthday Chin. Enjoy your bday present (your day off!)

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