Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Surekha Says...

The other day Tanya and I were discussing the characteristics of our waffle sauces with Surekha, the 4square Mayor of Saus, who happens to be a food writer, and she (on the fly) came up with the following descriptions that we obviously had to share...

Lemon sauce: "Lemon Luf" - If I were cat with a favorite sunny napping spot and one day just *happened* to find a basket of still warm, freshly laundered clothing in that spot, and somehow, obviously accidentally, crawled into this basket of laundry and rolled around and purred like a maniac, that's basically the same feeling as having some Lemon Luf Saus.

Homemade Nutella - Like a best friend, sweet and comforting, always there for you (chocolate), but not afraid to stand up to you and tell you that you're being crazy in the face (hazelnut).

Berry Berry - Like falling in love, it's sweet and tart, fresh but familiar, a taste you feel like you've known your entire life, but is still somehow new and exciting.

Salted Caramel - Ah, the little black dress. Sultry and classy, yet mysterious and slightly aloof.

She also left us with some of these menu suggestions...

Thoughts on awesome dishes you should most definitely (but not Mos Def-ly) put on the menu.

Heart attack breakfast, eh? - Poutine, deep fried egg, bacon parm sauce on top. Necessary. It's breakfast, right? Egg, potato, bacon, with a deliciously heart stopping amount of gravy and cheese.

Apple pie waffle - Straight up grab an apple and deep fry it. Crush it, smush it, whatevs, and throw some salted caramel on that bad boy. Deep fried apple sauce/pie filling. I'm so all over it.

Karmaberry saus - A balanced blend of salted caramel and berry saus. Just what your crazy new age uncle ordered. Seriously. He's sitting in the corner over there.

Garlic butter tossed frites - For serious. Possibly chili-garlic butter.

Malt vinegar mayo - homemade mayo either made with malt vinegar or blended with it. Yes.

And this is why, we have decided, our customers are the most amazing people in the world.


Daisy said...

those are all such great ideas! People love to dip fries in malt vinegar so I think that her suggestion would be a well received new sauce.

PS I think I'm coming in tonight for Poutine. Well, hopefully one of these nights very soon!

Megan said...

I vote for that heart attack breakfast!

I may be in tonight if we have enough time before the Bruins game!