Thursday, February 3, 2011

It's only noon right now?

6am: Out of bed

7am: Out the door to meet Renee

7:30: Chin picks us up (Renee and I are car-less). We prep for our meetings while navigating the treacherous, yet well salted, roads.

8am: Arrive at the ISD (Snag pretty sweet parking spot that is essentially on top of a pile of snow. Worry if the car will be able to get out of the spot. Decide to risk it.)
Stalk our building inspector. Make sure necessary papers have been filed.

8:30: Fire department at the ISD. It's still Closed.
Food while we wait until it opens (obviously. It's us. We eat.)

9am: Fire Department. Learn we need to get a new fire sprinkler report from our building manager before they come in to do our inspections. Call building manager for new reports.

10am: Stalk an inspector at the Health Department and shanghai him into a meeting. Ask questions- what will you be looking for in a health inspection? How can we ensure it runs smoothly? We fail to remember correct hot-holding temps. We're pretty sure that didn't impress him. We leave feeling confident, nevertheless.

11am: After a few tries, successfully manage to get the car out of it's "parking spot."

Recap: I had breakfast at 6am and lunch at 8:30. Pretty sure I should just call it a day... But, there's more to do. We really want this to be our month! If I have to wake up at 6 am everyday, then so be it. And mind you, the Saus team is not an early bird kind of team...

In fact, I could re-break down the day by the injuries we sustained just trying to function at such an early hour. Like when we got the to ISD, Renee walked straight into the door frame.

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