Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Now Hiring

After a very stressful day of inspections and running around, I'm on the couch reviewing applications for employment (and multitasking my relaxation).

Gchat between myself and Renee explains:
(preface-we are talking about the applications I'm reading)
Renee: are there any strong contenders?

me: yes, some very good ones. I'm really looking at students who live downtown (emerson and the like) who can work the night shifts bc they have to live close if we close at 2am, ya know? like no one wants to take a cab home from work.. so they have to be very close

Renee: yea totally. I'm listening to katy perry firework. you were singing it earlier

me: hahaha i was also singing teenage dream
you and i will be young FOREVER
my heart stops when you look at me
this is realllllll
(im singing to you, by the way)

Renee: hahaha

me: if only our job applicants knew what i doing what as i was reviewing their emails- singing at the top of my lungs katy perry and gchatting you the lyrics

Renee: hahaha! they would want to work for you even more!

me: now im listening to firework


Renee said...

Just so my friends and future friends who read this blog know, this post is an unfair representation of my prevailing taste in music.

0a405ac6-3aa0-11e0-a535-000bcdcb5194 said...

The way the conversation shifted from work to nonsense could explain why this place has taken over a year to open.

Tanya said...

Perhaps, but we like to think that it just shows that we can still manage to keep it light and have asinine conversations like these in spite of the massive delays that we have been struggling with. We can still have fun while we get work done... thanks for reading our blog.

Joanna said...

"you make me feel like i'm living in a teenage dream"

in this case you=liege wafels!! :)

shamrocandroll said...

Personally, I admire a business that can still have fun while working. I highly doubt singing or gchatting is the root cause of Saus's permit and inspection delays. In fact, some companies have embraced the idea of singing while working! Just look at Coldstone Creamery! Life doesn't have to always be serious, you know.

Stella said...

You should totally hire Emerson folks! Those of us that did the study abroad program (Kasteel Well in the Netherlands) are obsessed with frites. I can't wait to come back to Boston and try yours :-) it's certainly closer than Belgium.

- Stella (Emerson '10)