Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Updates and updates

January has meant frigid temperatures and lots of snow to Bostonians. (Was it really 6 degrees yesterday?? Are we really getting 8 more inches tomorrow??)

For the Saus team it's meant a few more delays. For instance, we spent one whole day waiting for a package to be delivered that was supposed to get to us first thing in the morning but took longer because of several inches of snow. That was a minor delay.

January has also meant some last minute, unexpected revelations. Like we need a solenoid valve installed before we have our inspections. A what? We still don't know exactly what it is, but I think it's installed.

However, we can't totally knock January. It's been a good month for us. We got some press from the Improper and from the Feast. So we are smiling (underneath our scarves).

Anyway, thanks Boston for continuing to wait for us while we navigate the last few hurtles before we can open.

One last very important thought- when we can finally open, we are doing so IMMEDIATELY, no matter what the weather! So in case it's 6 degrees and/or snowing, what will get you to leave the warmth of your apartments and come visit us? What treats can we bribe you with to brave the cold?! Tell us! We want you in our doors when they open!!!

LONG LIVE FRITES AND WAFFLES! (Sorry got carried away)...


Lara @ GoodCookDoris said...

Pretty sure that the promise of waffles & frites & cleverly named sauces will entice me to visit! Just took a peek at the menu - excited about the deep fried egg to top my frites!

And can't wait to try salted caramel + waffles....

Darylle said...

What treats will get me to brave the cold to visit Saus? How about...anything on the menu! I've been waiting for pommes frites too long to let a little ice get in my way.

My birthday is in mid-February, and Saus is going to be my first stop that day if you guys are open by then (followed by a bar that serves either Leffe or Delirium)!

Good luck in the home stretch!

Meghan said...

WARM WAFFLES WITH WARM DIPPING SAUCES. It may even entice me to leave the slightly warmer weather in NC and brave the frigid Boston weather to get my fix.

Melissa said...

Here's a couple of suggestions on how to get us all to show up even on the coldest day of the year:

1. Let us sign up for an email list, so you can send us messages as the open date becomes more firm.
2. Create a text/cell phone list, so you can send us a text with abbreviated versions of the same information (hint, text us before lunch time ;)
3. Give us a special code name or password to use when we order to get an extra treat on the first day. Like a free extra sauce of any flavor with a waffle or frite order if we say "Make it a double" or something silly like that. Or if you're willing to spend a little more on us, maybe a free waffle with any order of frites or poutine if we say "I'll have the Prix Fixe".

Anxious and Narcissistic said...

This is probably my hangover talking, but I'd love a cocoa-mole sauce. Yes, I said it. Spicy chocolate on my fries.

Can't wait for you to open, my whole office is waiting to have "important meetings" there. Do you guys have WiFi? Pretend you do. ;)

Gillian OC said...

Please make as many options gluten free as possible! Belgian fries are so delish - and we will travel over hill and dale (ok from Marblehead) for fried gluten free goodness.

We are used to traveling to NYC for such treats - but know that Beantown can do a better job.

Joanna said...

Add dark chocolate dipped liege wafels and I"ll be there! Although honestly I'll be there no matter what!!

Can't wait & thanks for doing this!

Joanna said...

P.S. You are going to have plain mayo every day right? (for those of us who are purists) :-)

Tanya said...

Thanks for all the replies and some really great ideas!

@Darylle- We will try our hardest to be open for your birthday! Try Publick House in Brookline for some great Belgian brews.. pretty sure they have both Leffe and Delirium!

@Melissa- alllll over your idea! We are already working with a company to text out specials!

@Anxious- LOVE the cocoa mole idea!!!

@Gillian- Our frites are gluten free and so are our sauces! (not the waffles sadly..)

@Joanna- We make a homemade plain mayo, as well as homemade ketchup, that we offer free of charge everyday