Monday, September 13, 2010


We love hearing ideas from people! We aren't even open yet and we are looking into the future, visualizing new items on our menu.

How do we want our little concept to expand while staying true to our roots? We started Saus as just pommes frites and home-made dipping sauces. Then we realized that if we were doing pommes frites, we should definitely have poutine as an option- melty cheese, home-made gravy- what's better? Then along came the Liege waffles. Sweet perfection in waffle. How could we leave out this Belgian classic? Especially when it fit in so perfectly with the theme of home-made sauces. So we created a menu of home-made sweet sauces to pair with the waffles. **

Our current menu is a great way for us to start. We need to hit our groove in turning out perfect frites and waffles. However, this doesn't mean this is what we will always look like. We want to add more Belgian street food classics. Preferably foods that are better dipped into sauce (which most everything is).

This was a very long-winded way of saying I got an email from a real-live Belgian asking if we were planning on adding her favorites to the menu. She asked about meat croquettes (also called "bitterballen" and "vleeskroket"), frikandel and cervela. The latter two she describes as "cut open before frying and then served with mayo, ketchup and diced onions in the middle." So we are looking into these ideas, seeing if anything can be imported for us and how they would add to our concept.

We want more FEEDback and ideas from other people out there waiting for us to open! Any foods you think would work on our menu?

**NOTE: An idea to sweet/salty fiends: try our nutella with the frites.

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