Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Getting it done (hopefully)

Our goings on:

1. Editing our recipes (which entails not only making them better tasting, but also coming up with more efficient processes with which to make them).

2. Writing a HACCP plan (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point- basically how to make our food in the safest way possible, identifying what could go wrong at any point in the food's life cycle at Saus and planning how to avoid that trouble).

3. Drinking our iced coffee (we think the cheese cloth really worked to strain the grounds and make the coffee really smooth).

4. Getting written up in Grub Street's Fall Preview

5. Doing our best to live up to Grub Street's fall deadline.

6. Moving to new neighborhoods (Sept. 1! Moving within walking distance to Saus so that work/life lines get blurred).

7. Craving our own pommes frites and home-made sauces (not to mention waffles). Come on permits so that we can open!!!!!!!

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