Tuesday, March 30, 2010

When we're not blogging about it...

These past few months have been exciting, terrifying, stressful, delicious, fun, and exhausting. All the planning that has occurred over the year has turned into executing those plans in just a few short months, and now...weeks. We have selected some vendors, bought equipment, finalized our menu, purchased our point of sale system, and racked up some bills doing so. We have been to Home Depot and back maybe six times to buy necessary fixtures for our contractor. We spend our days off in the kitchen preparing our menu or on the phone, coercing and collaborating, whether it be to get a gas meter installed or to set up a meeting with a beverage distributor. We talk to our lawyer, our contractor, our building manager, and twitter followers more than we do our closest friends.

All this and still so much more to do and more to buy, for that matter. I would like to say that we have become wise to the little obstacles that have the potential of becoming big hurdles (i.e. unexpected leaks in the basement), but we will find out.

So what's next? We will be spending our time now preparing for the operation - everything from staffing (and all things tied to it - workers comp insurance, payroll services, scheduling, etc.) to testing our equipment (I can't wait to see the magic that happens with 225 lbs of frying capacity).

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Gregory Collier said...

It has been a long road, but with a great team. Keep the dream alive with your hard work, and great attitudes.