Monday, March 29, 2010

Say Cheese!

This weekend the Saus team met for a, wait for it- it's so glamorous, photo shoot! We not only took pictures of our food (give me sexy, give me saucy, give me crispy! Work it, wooork it!), we also took team photos (for the website).

With two girls on the team (myself and Renee) you can imagine the impending chaos. "I look fat in this one." "Look at my chin! Has it always been that big?" "No way we are using this one, I look awful. Am I sneezing?" "I look soooo faaaaat!"

Chin was the voice of calm in the storm. "You both look fine." (Then seeing our mutinous faces)- "No, you two look beautiful." He may have gotten smacked.

We did a series of ideas. Us standing next to each other smiling at the camera, us standing next to each other laughing at Chin being ridiculous, us looking at a pterodactyl in the distance (Renee's idea). Then we took some of us eating frites, and somehow that turned into a ridiculous circus.

Anyway, the purpose of this post is to get you all amped for our coming-soon website and the mystery photo we choose. (Hint: it may not be a conventional smiling-at-the-camera photo...)

Aaand to unveil this beaut. It is a picture of us, looking at pictures of us.

The Saus team + friends, analyzing the photo shoot pics.


Meghan said...

So based off the picture you posted, I can assume 1 of 2 things:
1. Chin is going sans-shirt for your website company picture.
2. Chin is wearing a nude color shirt to throw people off.

Talk about saucy.

I bet you all look fabulous!

Tanya said...

i can neither confirm nor deny your guesses. you'll just have to wait for the website to be up!!