Friday, March 26, 2010

Can we move this counter again?

Being the newbies that we are, we are having a fun time of it trying to build the restaurant. Between communicating with the contractors, laying out exactly what we want, and getting everything properly inspected, we are like tweedle-dee and tweedle-dum (except there are more than 2 of us to get the job done..three stooges maybe, plus an extra stooge??)

Let's go through a few examples of our "misadventures" of getting the space built.

1. We may or may not have moved the counter 3ish times. To be fair, the counter wasn't built all the way, just the aluminum underpart was nailed to the floor. The first time it wasn't out far enough from the wall, then out too far and took up too much valuable floor space, then who knows. But the contracting team may hate us...

2. In trying to get our gas meter installed, I first had to find out what a BTU load was and then tell National Grid what our BTU load is. Then they had to come and install our gas lines (but not the meter) and then the city has to come and inspect it and tag it. So, who calls the city? National Grid or us? We assumed National Grid and kiiiiind-of waited for a while. Then, after probably too much time, I called them to verify and of course found out we had to call the city. Now the question is, who do we call??? WHO IN THE CITY? dum-dum-dum.. oh wait, dumb. We'll get there.

3. ... I shouldn't go on.

Good news is, we are learning and the space is progressing, thanks to our patient and knowing contractor.

Here are some pics of the "progress."

Here is our 4 burner stove. We promise to clean it before we use it to cook!
Here is the upstairs interior as seen from the front of the space.
Here is our bathroom. It will be as is, no changes!
Here is the upstairs interior again- this time as seen from the back of the space looking out. Notice the railing right in front of the camera... this is the infamous counter that was moved so many times. It looks good there, no?


Meghan said...

So exciting! The space is really coming along and I can't wait to see the finished product!

xtine said...

Please get one of those accelerated hand dryers for the bathroom. TIA.

Renee said...

the bathroom is awesome as is. very rustic.