Tuesday, January 13, 2009

On the Topic of Research

So for New Year's, my best friends from college and I ventured to New York City to welcome 2009 with style and panache. And what I really mean is that we were all hot messes and some of us welcomed 2009 like we welcomed hardwood floor...that...um...night - can I get a holler?

New Year's Eve aside, we spent most of our days eating at different diners and cafes -- birds of a feather eat together - you know what I mean? They would not be my friends if they did not share my love for food. So the places I remember are Moonstruck Diner, Hudson Place, Petite Abeille, Pinkberry, some bagel place on 2nd, Buttercup, the infamous Chicken and Rice stand, and finally...a similar restaurant to our own...Restaurant X on the Lower East Side. Dun Dun DUN. I dragged them there after we had eaten brunch and frozen yogurt, both within about 2 hours of each other-- are they troopers or what?

They were handy research assistants, bringing to attention important details that we will be sure to incorporate into our shop. My team of inspectors also offered their support and said, "You could do better than this!"

Our friends are important in the realization of the dream that is Saus. They have been supportive and inquisitive -- take Chin's friend and girlfriend who got him some useful equipment for our upcoming taste testings, for example. Or Tanya's coworkers who send her useful links that keep us in the start-up restaurant loop. And my friends, who gladly allowed me to drag them to a third eatery. Did I mention that we got cupcakes right after?

Thanks: Brendan, Henry, Janet, Amy, Lauren, Candice, Jenny, Monica, Kristie, and Brett.
Also: Neha & Jane & Sachin

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