Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ever Wonder Why There Aren't More Late-Night Eateries in Boston?

So did we. In fact, this anomaly has bugged us for some time, probably ever since we first moved to Boston in 2004. And if you have gone to college in Boston, you have also shaken your head on occasion after a night out, wondering where the heck you could get some crab rangoon at that hour. I know of only a handful of places that are open late on weekends, including an overpriced sausage push-cart that robs unsuspecting mass-holes of their money after a night out at the Greatest Bar (I'm just bitter because I recall one night when I stood in a line for the sausage sandwich, only to get to the front and realize that they were $7...pssh...nope...what do you think you are? A large commercial lender?)

So, we really want to extend our hours of operation from 11pm on weekend nights to 1am...or even 2 or 3am. We wanted to know how this could be done, so Chin contacted one of our industry sources. First our source explained that there were late-night licenses available, ones that allow shops to be open until 1am, some until 2 and 3am, but conceded that they are available in limited quantities and cost money. He also acknowledged the old-fashioned Bostonian mentality surrounding late-night businesses, and that is that they mean nothing but trouble and noise ("those damn college kids, they've overtaken our town!")...seems a bit Puritanical doesn't it?

While there are some areas in Boston and Cambridge that have late-night activity and would support such an eatery, most of the time businesses are faced with political opposition when trying to extend their food service to the wee hours. What late-night spots do you guys know of that seem to do well?


Chin said...

So here's a question for you people: what can we as owners do to make a late-night neighborhood spot more attractive and more acceptable to the locals who live in the area?

Gregory said...

Don't swim upstream. Find a place near the pubs and other "Boston" hot spots that already have the late night crowd and you have it.