Monday, June 20, 2011

Zen and the Art of Waffle Making

The love/hate dynamic between Saus and our Liege Waffles is a story that should finally be told.

I love the way they taste, especially when smothered in dark nutella, sprinkled with powdered sugar- all warm and soft and slightly chewy. There isn't much not to love about the waffles.

Except the trouble we've had actually making them. The problem isn't so much the waffles themselves. It's the waffle irons. Thinking about the saga makes me cringe a little.

When we opened our doors on Day One, we had one double waffle iron. Waffles started selling like hot cakes and, wanting to be able to keep up with the demand, we bought another single waffle iron. Lucky we did because literally days later, the double waffle iron wouldn't turn on. One morning it was just absolutely dead and gone. We think the reason was caramelized sugar got into the wiring and fried the machine, but this is just speculation on our part. We sent it back in for repairs (side note, we still don't have it back.) At this point, we brought in a back-up home waffle iron so we weren't working off just one. We knew this couldn't be a solution.

We did some shopping and found what was reputed to be the best Liege Waffle iron on the market. Everything is bliss for a few days. Our waffles are better than ever- rectangular, more authentic. The machine is easy to work with. No more sticking, broken waffles. Bliss.

Then in middle of one particular day a waffle comes out completely burnt black on one side and uncooked on the other. We call the repair company and fire up our back-up irons (the single one from before and the home iron). The repairs are slow to come. Since it is a Liege Waffle iron, parts have to come in from Europe. Finally, a few weeks later- it's fixed. We rejoice.

It's working beautifully for about a day and a half. Then, the same thing. Half burnt, half uncooked waffle. Fire up the back-ups (which are mercifully still working and not broken) and call the repair company.

At the moment, it is fixed again. Keep in mind, we have been open only since March. We scrupulously read the instruction manuals on how to care for our irons. We are gentle, careful, and meticulous in our handling and cleaning. And we are flummoxed at our waffle iron luck. Stay tuned for updates (ya know, if this one keeps working...).


Patrick said...

Hey, just wanted to see if you guys had thought of using to raise some extra cash to help with repairs/buying a new iron (perhaps)? I would love to give you guys some money, other than just in exchange for the typical frittes and waffles!

Tanya said...

Interesting- no we have not. However, we will look into it now. Thanks for the idea!!