Monday, June 13, 2011

New stuff

We recently made the decision to sell packaged sweets imported from Holland, in order to increase our offerings while remaining true to our concept. We are now selling stroopwafels and speculaas (syrup waffles and spiced graham-like cookies, respectively). Both are delicious (the speculaas, or speculoos depending where you are, being the more familiar tasting of the two), but they may be a tough sell to the same people who had a hard time accepting waffles for dessert or frites as a snack and not as an afterthought...

Either way, here is some of the response we have received on twitter regarding our offering of stroopwafels:

"I <3 STROOPS! I wrote a love song about them once...not kidding" - @kellyrice88

"Stroopwafels are my reason for living. I must come by." - @RileyWaff

"You have stroopwafels??? I want to so badly right now. Too bad I'm 3,000 miles away..." -@bonbonong

1 comment:

Luc de Waal said...

I have to come by and check out those stroopwafels and belgian fries!