Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Oktober Flavors

Fall is one of my favorite seasons because of all the flavors associated with it- pumpkin, spiced apple, nutmeg, cinnamon... And as such, it has got me to brainstorm how we can use those amazing flavors to make special fall sauces for Saus. (Since we will be having weekly special sauces we constantly need to brainstorm so we don't run out.) Here are some of my ideas for autumn sauces... if we get open in time!

Spiced applesauce (applesaus?!)- made with freshly picked apples (maybe the Saus team could even go to an orchard and pick them ourselves, instead of just calling up our supplier and ordering local apples. Field trip!) Any ideas on favorite apple varieties? I think this would be great on our waffles (maybe even the frites...)

We already have a Cheddar Duvel sauce. It would be fun to substitute it with a fall variation... Cheddar Pumpkin Beer. Renee's favorite pumpkin beer is by Shipyard. However, I recently tried Pumpking, which could be great. Or, instead of temporarily replacing the Cheddar Duvel with a pumpkin beer, we could make a whole new beer sauce recipe. Ideas?

Anyway, I'm "falling" in love with fall flavors. Yeah.. I know. I had to go there.

Any other fall flavors I missed that you love?


Megan said...

A brown butter and sage flavored sauce always pairs well with fall foods like butternut squash.

Renee said...

That sounds delicious, Megan! I have just recently discovered how well brown butter can contribute to certain recipes (as an eater, not a maker of course)teehee

xtine said...

-pie flavors (pumpkin, sweet potato, pecan)
-apple cream
-cranberry rhubarb
-turkey gravy (with mashed potatoes?..."twice a tater"!)
-"casserole" (cream of mushroom, fried onions on top)
-Oktoberfest (maybe with gouda?)
-grainy mustard dijon

So yeah, I really like Thanksgiving...

shamrocandroll said...

Don't forget about cranberry! Maybe like a cherry cranberry sauce for the waffles? My aunt makes a cherry cranberry pie every year for Thanksgiving, and it's my absoulte favorite! The perfect balance of sweet and tart! ...aaand now I want pie.

shamrocandroll said...

Oooh, and have you considered making sweet potato frites? Then you could maybe do a candied sweet potato type sauce! God, I love fall!

Danielle said...

If you want an apple flavor that is less sweet for the frites you can experiment with apple butter flavors!