Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Opening Checklist

1. Finalize our menu (just last night we were debating adding skewered deep-fried hot dogs. A note to the public: Chin wants to call them wieners. Renee and I stand against it.)

2. Write descriptions for our sauces on the menu (so that when you order Vampire Slayer or Green Monster, you know what you're getting.)

3. Attach table legs to our table tops (easier said than done for some strange reason.)

4. Clean the saw dust off our entire restaurant (everything is covered!)

5. Decorate! (hang pictures, etc)

6. Get shelving for the kitchen and inside the walk-in (it's not that exciting, so I'll leave it to Chin and Greg.)

7. Obtain permit to hand out samples of our waffles (they are so tasty and people have to know!)

8. Obtain remaining permits (certificate of occupancy, health, milk - yes, milk...weird, huh?, etc.)

9. Learn our POS! (we need to connect our POS system and learn how to use it before we can train our staff)

10. Obtain a trash receptacle (apparently good ones are hard to find, unless customized, and cost a small fortune)

11. Hire a staff!!!! (and train them, too)

12. This is a partial list... we are so close to opening but there is still so much to do. We are getting excited!


Erin said...

I also vote against calling them weiners. That's a New York thing, and we all know how we Bostonians feel about New York! :-P

You should call them Fried Franks! And if you got Kayem brand, you could call them Fried Fenway Franks! :)

Meghan said...

I think you should call them Saus Dogs or Saus Franks...brand, baby, brand!

xtine said...

Umm I'm from NY, and I do NOT call them weiners.

How about Haute Daugs, or Francs. Something that sounds less American.