Monday, June 21, 2010

No time to sleep

The closer we get to opening, the more frantic we get. We still don't have an exact date (we are new at this, so cut us a little slack- we want to be open as much as people seem to want us to open)... and yet it's drawing closer. And we feel the pressure. Somehow instead of steadily crossing things off our to-do list, we keep adding items! And the end result- we run around like chickens without heads.

Today Chin and I spent the entire day in the car running errands over what seemed like all of Massachusetts. We got back to the home-front (aka 33 Union Street) and tried to organize all of our purchases. As we unpacked, we thought of more we needed to buy. Too tired and weary of traffic, we called it a day and the Saus team spent the evening putting sticky felt pads of the bottoms of chairs and tables to protect our coveted floors. Then we rearranged our tables to see how we could fit more seating into our small space without our patrons sitting on top of each other. We want to space our tables far enough apart so that you don't have to become bbfs with the people at the next table. Then, as we pushed some tables together to create four-tops, we noticed they weren't all the same height. (The table bottoms can be adjusted to be taller or shorter and we hadn't set them up all exactly the same.) So of course this is a problem that we decide to tackle immediately.

I know this post is rambling, however, it mimics our days. All over the place, nonstop, trying to get tiny tasks done that are so easy to overlook until they are glaring you in the face and you realize all of a sudden- oh god, we're not ready to open. There is so much more to be done than just ventilation! So while we impatiently wait to see how long permits and ventilation will take, we also breath a little knowing we have a tiny bit more time to get our act together. Thank god we have such good friends who help us run our errands when we've reached the end of our rope!

PS. I know this sounds complaining, but we really do love every minute. I think it's sounding like it is because it's after midnight and I can't sleep. Instead I'm making to-do lists for tomorrow. :)

PPS. In my last post, I mentioned getting shelving and how I would leave it to Chin and Greg. Well, Chin and I got shelving together from Home Depot and I put it together (with a little help from friends, of course)... but I felt very accomplished and dexterous. Which is why I mention it (read: brag about it) here.

PPPS. We still need shelving for inside the walk-in. Chin, when are you doing that? Have we measured for it yet?

PPPPS. Greg, we need to call that door place tomorrow. (This post has turned into a to-do list, whoops).

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