Monday, May 10, 2010


The following "conversation" (if you call the unintelligible back and forth- a conversation) was between myself and Greg (in case you are out of the loop, Greg is our more silent partner) via late night text message. All parties were sober. I think.

Me: Another "slogan"... You need some eats, we got some frites!
Greg: Lol. We open in May, frites on the way.
Me: Show it who's boss, slather it in sauce.
Greg: I am struggling with rhyming waffle, which ain't so awful.
Me: Get a waffle, better than a falafel.
Me again: Or!!! Try our liege waffle, it's a huge jawful!
Greg: Groaning out loud.
Me: Try the nutella. It's our top sell-ah.
Greg: Share our RILF with your MILF.

End of conversation. It ended so abruptly, I know. Just like this post.


xtine said...

hahahaha what is a RILF?

really innovative little frite?

PS I still think you should use "dip it good" but bing started use "da dip" in one of it's commercials....

Erin said...

Ooh, I like "Dip it Good"!