Thursday, April 29, 2010

Fans and followers all atwitter, and we haven't even opened yet!

The Saus team is astounded by the buzz that the (soon-to-open) restaurant has been generating over these social media platforms. Our facebook page, twitter account, and blog have joined as a trifecta to ceate a micro community of social media savvy food nerds (in other words, people who are a lot like us). Having this community is conducive to our goal of becoming a kind of user-contributed local eatery. We have created a menu and have a store experience in mind that we would want as food explorers, so why not try to make it a place others want to come to as well. For example, one of our twitter followers (we know him as @gregmurph)asked if we were planning to make samurai sauce (a popular accompaniment in Belgium), which prompted us to experiment with a sambal-oelek/mayo fusion. Our samurai sauce turned out to be delicious, so we're going with it.

Facebook has also been a great way to gather feedback from 'fans'. Recently we asked everyone to help us name our sour cream and chive sauce and the results exceeded our expectations. We got 30-some ideas for names that we had to make it a vote.

Of course we will not be able to satisfy everyone. The idea is to try to make everyone happy, and when that can't be done, to mitigate a bad situation as best as possible. Either way, we desperately want to serve you guys and provide a phenomenal experience, but more than that we want to be your place. This is the dream, I think, of every restaurateur.

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