Wednesday, February 3, 2010

33 Union Street gets a face lift

Kind of... Not really... Ok, the interior of Saus might look slightly worse for the wear.

As you may have seen on Facebook, Renee, Greg and I tested paint samples. Or more accurately, we all went to a paint store and debated, considered and finally chose 5 different colors to try on our walls. A brightish blue, a lighter blue, an orangey yellow, a lighter yellow, and a neutralish olive green. Then my artistic side took over and I went crazy on our walls.

After painting all the colors in natural light, I moved to the back of the store and painted them in artificial light. We then discussed which colors we liked and which ones we hated. We kept in mind that the color we choose has to enhance our space, match our furniture/overall decor and be consistent with our branding.

We may not have fallen in love with a color yet, but we did make progress on deciding which direction we want to experiment in next. And I wrote SAUS on the wall really big.

Day successful.

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