Sunday, December 27, 2009

Looking Back at 2009

I was just reading our old posts, more specifically those pre-January 2009, and I laughed at them. We sound like such amateurs! We still are, but I mean - it's kind of pathetic. We were stressing out about late night licensing, thinking it would cost us money and lo and behold one year later, we have license to stay open until 2 and didn't have to pay an obscene amount for it! In January 2009, we were researching merchant services (credit card processing) and I can tell you now that it was WAY too early to be looking into that. In early 2009, we were having the debate about local produce and STILL are.

Some great developments since then:

1. I wrote a post in December 2008 about my parents and how they couldn't understand why in hell I was starting a restaurant and didn't really take me seriously at the time. Well one year later, they are investors, they ask me about it all the time, and I have even overheard my mother talking to one of her friends on the phone about Saus.

2. We have funding!!! I'll be honest - we had no idea how we were going to raise enough money to start a year ago. Today, while we are still looking for more in order to be well capitalized, we have enough to start and that's pretty substantial.

3. We have a location!!! I'm just going to say it - getting the spot we did was incredibly fortuitous. We found it by accident and at the right time. Furthermore, had it not been for the property manager, Rawly, who really digs our concept, enough to plug it to the owner of the property, we probably wouldn't have it. He was a strong advocate for us and we thank him for that. And thanks to our realtor, John Brennan (he does commercial and residential and rentals so ask us for his number) who worked hard to get us the space. But what was learned from this is that there are advantages and disadvantages to any given location. Just make sure there is consistent foot traffic and is in some sort of urban (or suburban) cluster of book stores, offices, bars, or restaurants for example. Also what makes it a good fit for you? For one upscale burger shop owner I know, he wanted to be between two Whole Foods because he wanted to capture the same kind of market with an interest in quality, all natural ingredients.

4. We can stay open late!!! I remember when we stressed so much about not being able to stay open late, but I just want to say to our past selves: "duh, it's because you were looking at the wrong places, (Newbury St., for example) of course you're not going to be able to stay open late!!!!"

5. We have a menu. Chef Corey and Pastry Chef Shira have created a's a first draft masterpiece, and I personally have tasted only a few items on the menu, but the menu is exactly who we are and what we want to accomplish with Saus. On that note, I say first draft because we want to host a blind taste test where you guys tell us what you think of the menu before we finalize it.

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