Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Common Victualler License Hearing

Hi All,

As you know from Tanya's previous post, we had our CV license hearing today. I was joined there by Greg, and our awesome attorney, Trish Farnsworth (if you want to start a restaurant or local business, she is seriously the best).

So before the hearing, you are given a list of other restaurants and businesses (such as fortune tellers) that are appealing to the license board that day. Everyone gets about 5-7 minutes to present their case (we saw everything from new food licenses to liquor licenses to moving from one location to the next and extending hours). The room is set up so that the board sits at the front, facing an audience (almost like a classroom) and when you are called you come to the front where there is a table and a microphone (it's very Senate hearing like).

When we were called to the front, Trish first explained that we were applying for a CV license and that the team had experience in food service, and showed them our two letters of recommendation (this helps, especially if it's from reputable sources - ours were from Joanne Chang and Bill Galatis - doesn't get any better than that). We showed the board our menu and renderings of the space. They then asked us questions around the menu and our hours (we applied for a 3am license at first, but settled on 2am). Then they asked if anyone was in support or opposition of our license and someone from the mayor's office stepped up and declared his undying support for Saus and it's 2am license. Thankfully, no one was in opposition. That pretty much concluded the hearing. The board makes their decision tomorrow. Fingers crossed everyone!


Erin said...

Yay!!!! That is so exciting! Congrats guys! I can't wait to try it!!! :-D

Brendan said...

GOOD LUCK!!! You'll get it. How could they not give it to you?