Friday, November 6, 2009

A year in review/a day in the life

Yesterday the Saus team had a busy day. The day's back to back meetings compelled me to think to a little over a year ago when we were all working together at our fabulous software marketing job and compare to what we are doing these days.

A year ago:
...waltz into the office late, gchat, facebook, a little work, office workouts, gossip, coffee run...

Spend the morning with my email. Email from wholesaler, email from web designer, emails from teammates.
11:3o- The Saus team splits up into 2 groups. Chin and I had a meeting with a produce wholesaler at our space. Renee and Greg had a meeting with the sign guy.
After our meetings, we all meet up to discuss the decisions we now have to make and share what happened in our respective meetings.
1:30- Meeting with the kitchen equipment guy. We go through the list of equipment we need, look over our kitchen floor plan and get an itemized list of equipment and the estimates.
After that meeting, we all head back to headquarters (Greg's apartment) to discuss our plan for equipment (since the estimate was a TAD over what we had budgeted..)
4:00- Meeting with insurance guy.
From 4-7:30- discuss insurance options and interior design.
8pm- Meeting with possible investors.
10pm- We visit the space to see how much lighting we need for our sign.

Get home at 11pm.

I think the comparison is comical.

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Renee said...

HAHAHA I like your last line. I do hope you are referencing the girl we passed in Harvard Sq. last night, whose life was...comical.