Saturday, August 22, 2009


Progress. Why is it taking so long to complete a post about all the progress we are making (which we are, thankfully)? I think it's because there is more interesting material around the errors, woes, and setbacks that come with an undertaking such as ours. The triumphs are more difficult to write, because we haven't officially achieved them or learned from them for that matter. The best we can do now is give a short update:

Food: Chin is collaborating with a talented chef to create our final menu. We will discuss further if and when Chin ever decides to join Saus blogdom. We are planning a tasting for anyone (of you 3 out there) who is interested, so let us know -- you can help us decide what to include on our final menu.

Location: We are thisclose to securing a Letter of Intent with the property owners (fingers crossed...if you take anything away from this blog it should be this: anything can happen). But if we do get the LOI signed, we can begin applying for permits. By the way, as our lawyer advised, we first checked with the Inspectional Services Department to make sure the area is zoned for food retail (I suggest completing this task first if the space in question was not previously used for food) . By the way, our lawyer is incredible, so please contact us if your business seeks excellent counsel and we will be happy to point you in the right direction).

Design: We have enlisted the help of a soon-to-be-architect (finishing studies at the Boston Architectural College) who recently spent over 3 hours in our maybe/hopefully/if-it-doesn't-work-out-we're-screwed/potential retail space taking measurements, which will soon result in floorplans, which will be handed off to our contractor. But we didn't hire Brandon solely based on his CAD skills. He is a creative interior designer dude, who will hopefully bring "flavor" to the non-edible aspects of our space (although I hear delicious, Willy-Wonka-esque edible walls and lighting fixtures are the latest trend in food - or was that just another news story on lead paint chips?).

So, on an ending note I would like to express the team's ongoing commitment to progress - not only of our business, but of this blog.

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