Friday, August 14, 2009

On the Ups and Downs

On some days, I feel like a rock star entrepreneur- slapping on my heels and grown up jewelry and having a very important, jargon-filled meeting with the Saus corporate attorney. The meeting is of course filled with long talks about equity division, investor returns and licensing and permits that we require. I feel very smart and important.

Then there are other days. We don't have an office, so I work from home. I pad around my apartment in my pajamas with my laptop in hand, searching for the room with the strongest wireless signal. (It's the kitchen.) So I pull a chair up to the kitchen counter, turn on pandora and get to work. It's a glamorous life I live.

There are days where nothing seems to go right. You can't find the information you need. You don't even know where to start looking. You want to walk into an existing restaurant and ask them to hold your hand and just tell you what they do.

Then on other days, you feel amazing and get through your entire to-do list. Nothing can stop you. You get samples from a farm, research various PR platforms, get some possible investment leads and write witty web content. Days where you make significant strides make it all worth it.

Go Team!

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