Friday, May 22, 2009

May I Take Your Order?

Recently, the Saus team has really been focusing on the business/money/headache side of Saus. Which, obviously we need to. But it makes me feel a little useless since I get glazed over and lost. To my credit, I have learned soooo much and I am trying. But nonetheless, it's not my favorite part of this adventure.

I love picturing the inside of the store. Imaging the day-to-day. Taste-testing. Brainstorming new recipes. Taste-testing. Etc Etc.

And I love when I have a real-world experience that clarifies how I want Saus to be and solidifies ideas that I've been preaching. One such preachy idea is that it all comes down to customer experience and customer service.

I truly believe that customer experience is a solid 80% of why people come back (perhaps more). As a self-proclaimed "foody," I L.O.V.E food. I love to eat out and to discover new restaurants. I live for it, really. It is my essence. (Am I going overboard with my enthusiasm? At least I'm in the right industry.) However, despite my love for food, if I don't have a good customer experience at a restaurant- I don't go back, no matter how good the food. Enter yesterday. I went to a bakery (out of kindness and being the new kid in the Boston food neighborhood and needing to make friends, I'll let it remain nameless). This bakery has really yummy cupcakes. Cupcakes that have enticed me to return to this bakey. And every time I go to this bakery, I never have a fantastic customer service experience but it had never been downright bad. Except for yesterday.

I went with a friend and we ordered a dozen and a half of assorted cupcakes. We were chatting as she piled them all into boxes, so we weren't counting along. When she gave us the total price, we looked at each other, eyebrows raised, thinking that's a little high. So my friend clarified, saying "That's for a dozen and a half?" The girl behind the counter replied super snottily, "No, that's for two dozen and a half. That's what I heard." So we smiled and said, "Whoops, no. It was supposed to be a dozen and a half."

The girl behind the counter proceeds to sigh, roll her eyes, grumble and ever so slowly, put a dozen cupcakes back on the shelves. She had some serious attitude. And here is what I think of this: as half of the duo ordering the cupcakes, I heard my friend say one and a half dozen. But no big deal. Mistakes are made. Just smile and re-ring us up for the correct amount. No need to make a huge ordeal about it. No need for attitude, especially when it's your mistake.

It just really gets under my skin, situations like that. How do businesses not care that they are hiring people who do nothing to get people back in the store. We are in a recession, helloooo? Crack a smile and do your job with a cheery attitude. So, mystery girl at that bakery, do not even think about applying to Saus. And a word to Saus applicants: SMILE! Oh, and be helpful and friendly. Because I really do think it all comes down to the experience.

I think I may start to draft our employee handbook. It may feature this post.


Chin said...

rule #1 in handbook- don't mess with tanya

Renee said...

word, chin. word.