Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Old School

I decided the time had come to buckle down and work on the Saus marketing/publicity plan. (My guilty conscience on how negligent I've been has been eating away at me... I really thought procrastination would finally stop once I graduated, but instead I think it got worse.) So I sat my butt down and forced myself to concentrate and think outside the box.

Unfortunately, just like my procrastination got worse since college, my thinking got more structured and box-like- damn you corporate world! I exhausted all the typical PR ideas, even embraced new media, but nothing earth shattering/freaking awesome would come to me.

I decided I needed a trip back to college to bring out my "creative" side (what the corporate world sees as ideas that "won't" work because I don't fully understand the concept behind them...) But those are the ideas I'm looking for. So I emailed an old professor and requested a meeting. I find myself really looking forward to his ruthless critique of my "marketing" plan (something I would have dreaded in college- oh how the times have changed.)

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