Thursday, March 5, 2009


Organic, fair trade, sustainably grown. These are buzz words that make me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

I just ate Vietnamese Fresh Rolls for lunch from Equal Exchange Cafe. We are in a recession, I am scrimping with money and here I am going out for lunch! (What can I say, food is a priority in my life). But these words made me feel good about spending my hard-earned, what-little-I-have money there.

I know this eco-organic thing is more than a trend... could we call it a movement? And businesses are leveraging it to boost their image (and business). Which is great. Great for the environment, great for the economy- anything to get people spending.

And we at Saus have already discussed being as sustainable as possible as a business. Serving locally grown produce (see Wo de si-uh), composting, using recycled/recyclable to-go cartons, etc. And even though these are all things we can feel good about doing, we also have in the back of our minds that our customers will be happier to support us by spending more, if they know they are also supporting an eco-friendly company.

So, sound off.. Do you think you feel better about spending (and spend more) if you are helping a good cause? What do you think about portions of proceeds going to good causes (doesn't have to be environmental)? Or will all these warm and fuzzies have no effect on your spending?

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Gregory said...

Sustaining the local food business - If I know that the shop supports it, and the food is great!! I will pay a little extra to go there. Then again, if the food is great!! I would go regardless of where it came from...