Sunday, May 15, 2011


Our idea for this place started out as just pommes frites and homemade dipping sauces. In short, we wanted to open a fry shop.

Once the concept really got underway, we talked about several additional menu items. Obviously, waffles and poutine made it on to the opening menu. We decided to hold off on the rest of the menu items. 1- because we wanted to make sure we could do what we do really well and not take too much on. We are very aware of our novice status as business owners and restaurateurs. And 2- because we wanted to let our customers help decide the direction of the menu.

We are now at the point where we need to start making decisions about the direction we want to take. We can either be more general street food oriented (and add things more familiar to Americans) or add more authentically Belgian items. We have extensively discussed the pros and cons of both options. We have discussed how it would shape our brand, our reputation and our market. We priced out the cost associated with different menu items and how they would change our behind-the-counter-process.

We know that it ultimately comes down to WHAT DO THE PEOPLE WANT? We have gotten lots of feedback. People emailed in through the website with suggestions and questions, customers in the store have talked to us. Americans, Belgians... lots and lots of people.

Now that we have taken this all into consideration, we have to start playing with recipes. Stay tuned to see what makes it onto the menu.

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Anonymous said...

Add Crepes. They're very nearly as authentically Belgian as the Waffles, and are almost as commonplace in Belgium. (Well, not quite - but close.) Plus, they tend to use the same toppings as your waffles - Nutella, etc.

Boston NEEDS a good place for walkup crepes. Oh - learn how to put them in the little paper cones like they do on the street crepe places in France / Benelux.