Wednesday, July 14, 2010

the Saus team celebrates

For Greg's b-day, the Saus team decided to relax and enjoy some cocktails, conversation and jazz. Oh, and do what we do best- eat!

Renee and Tanya laughing, waiting for the music to start

Close up on our delish cocktails. Yes, mine's purple!
Chin, Greg and Renee
This was a much needed break for the team. The next morning was business as usual. So when you see us at Saus covered in ketchup, mayo and waffle batter, remember- when showered and fed, we clean up nice!

On another note, our mayo is back on track and better than ever. In my last post I said a test run had been a disaster. But not to worry, Chin brilliantly worked out the kinks that came from making the mayo in such large batches (as opposed to our test runs in a home kitchen with a non-commercially sized food processor).

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